Risk of Rain 2

Gearbox Publishing, 28.03.2019
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The classic network-based rougelike game Risk of Rain is back, becoming deeper and harder
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11.78 $

The expansion of indie hit projects continues without stopping for a second. Risk of Rain 2 is a bright and exciting, very unexpected in many senses action, which requires a lot of attention and courage from the player. This is a breath of fresh air for those who are looking for a "game with the soul."

Game features

Risk of Rain 2 offers a player or a party of players (a cooperative up to 4 people is possible) landing on a planet that needs to be explored. Everything is very simple: we travel around the open world, kill enemies, complete tasks, gain experience and money, and move on to the final boss. Does that sound simple? More is not necessary!

  • Nice and original, generously detailed graphics

  • Free gameplay that keeps you from breaking away

  • An open world with many secrets, dangers and surprises

  • Development system, many artifacts and everything that allows you to stay in the game as long as possible

Risk of Rain 2 is a clever author’s statement that demonstrates the great potential and creativity of developers in an environment of limited resources. Here, the maximum steepness is squeezed from the absolute minimum.

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