Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM

Tripwire Interactive, 30.05.2017
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Bestseller 2013 is back! The game "Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM" continues the series of tactical shooters "Red Orchestra", being a full-fledged autonomous addition to the second part of this legend.
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There are enough interesting games about the war in Vietnam, as well as enough frank prohodnyak. But absolutely all the games that are available in this setting are limited in realism. The situation is intended to fix the hardcore multiplayer shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Welcome to the rice fields!

Game features

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - multiplayer-oriented team shooter. The developers have refused to bet on hyper-realistic graphics, focusing on the gameplay. So users got incomparable gameplay.

  • The abundance of classes of soldiers, each of which has a hard peg to certain functions on the game map - to run around the map with a machine gun at the ready in the shoes of the radio operator certainly will not work if you do not want to condemn the team to lose
  • Two sides of a conflict fundamentally different in tactics and combat mechanics - the United States and the Vietcong
  • Very accurate physics of weapons - in the game there are no two identical "trunks" on the sensations
  • The huge community that grew up around the game - there is someone to spend more than one evening
  • Three different game modes - territories (capturing and controlling points on the map), superiority (sequential capturing of points) and shootout (classical deathmatch)
  • Huge, detailed and balanced maps.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - perhaps your new favorite online shooter. Try it worth it!

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