Rise of Industry

Kasedo Games, 02.05.2019
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Rise of Industry is definitely worth playing for players who care about urban simulations and economic strategies
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The success of an economic strategy does not depend on the scale, technical component, or a fascinating story - fans of the genre appreciate scrupulousness and attention to detail, which ensures the organic existence of the world on the screen and honest, systematic achievement of goals. This is exactly what the developers of Rise of Industry adhered to, and the players are ready to repay them with full respect.

Game features

• Minimalistic graphics and full emphasis on gameplay • The difficult threshold of entry is the choice of only hardcore fans of the genre who are not afraid of difficulties at every turn • The gameplay, which requires taking into account countless factors for development, and the player’s slightest omissions are immediately reflected in the game results • In general, the game does not give a chance to relax - this is a real test for the most daring • An unusual, but very convenient interface, having studied which, the player will be able to simplify his life to the maximum

Rise of Industry has many original ideas, including general game mechanics, and with the qualitative development of ideas, the series can become a generally accepted hit.

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