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Resident Evil 2 is one of the most iconic games of all time. It was released in 1998. And now it comes back again, radically new. With a beautiful sound with beautiful naturalistic graphics, the game completely envelops its awful atmosphere
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Resident Evil 2 - the return of the legendary horror with new graphics and convenient control system. It is recommended to all fans of the series and the genre as a whole. In gamefy online service, you can buy a Steam activation key for the licensed game Resident Evil 2 on attractive terms.

Key parameters

The plot of the series continues! T-virus, which turned the whole city into hell, stopped. However, the insurgent corpses roam the streets, capable of infecting new victims. The player’s task is to clear the streets of evil monsters. What you will have to meet:

  1. Horror. The violence in the game is very realistic and scary. Any damage done by zombies is displayed graphically. Wounds from bullets bleed, arms and legs are shot, bodies are torn into small pieces.
  2. Enemies. Monsters have become much smarter and more dangerous, to survive in a fight with them you need to be quick and agile. The developers have revived the gameplay, making it more dynamic.
  3. Weapons. Modify your weaponry, increasing its firepower. With the basic models of weapons you will not get far, but constantly pumping them you will not leave a single chance to monsters.
  4. Difficulty. Choose the best mode for you and go on a journey through the infected city.
  5. Characters. Claire and Leon have an updated look, which many fans caused genuine delight.
  6. Classic. The game combines the advantages of the previous series, but also introduces novelty. She will appeal to both fans and those who have never played Resident Evil.

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