Realpolitiks II

1C Entertainment, 18.11.2020
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Realpolitiks 2 includes a new economic system that will allow you to manage people's lives in a way you have never done before
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Do you dream of becoming the ruler of the world - and not fictional and conventional, like Civilization, but quite real to yourself? You can do this in the global strategy Realpolitiks II. The sequel to the hit of 2017, this game invites you to become the leader of any modern country in order to lead it to world domination. The developers have focused precisely on the political and diplomatic aspects of relations between nations, and this forms the unique face of this particular series in comparison with analogues.

Game features

  • Ability to take the board of one of 216 countries in the world

  • Powerful tools of diplomacy and espionage that make you feel part of the dynamic relations of modern international politics;

  • Balanced other branches of gameplay in comparison with the original - for example, improved and more intelligently woven into the gameplay military actions

  • Huge open source toolkit for creating amateur modifications, which is sure to prolong interest in the project for a long time

_Realpolitiks II is a global strategy game with an individual style. Fans of the world of international intrigue and politics in general will definitely appreciate it, and fans of global strategies - even more so. _ Looking for Realpolitik 2 steam keys? We offer them cheaper than the incentive - only originals!