Railway Empire

Kalypso Media Digital, 26.01.2018
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Build your railway, fight with competitors and become a railway monopolist in Railway Empire!
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The 19th century is an era of rapid growth in rail traffic in the United States. It was during this period that trains and routes appeared that were able to quickly deliver passengers and cargo to all corners of a huge, young country. This was the beginning of the economic growth of the United States, and if you decide to buy Railway Empire, you will experience this legendary history page to its fullest!

Game features

You are the owner of a railway campaign in the USA of the XIX century. You have to bind with strong "veins" all significant cities and directions of the country. The player will have to connect ingenuity to occupy a dominant position in the market, where there are enough limiting factors, competition and the banal unknown.

  • The basic goal is simple: connect cities and farms with train stations and roads. How you come to this is a separate question.
  • Fight against competitors who will do everything possible to annoy you on the way to a dream.
  • A well-thought-out economic model that requires consideration of resources and capabilities in the construction of new lines — for example, the need to calculate the budget for a new distant city, along which additional bridges and tunnels need to be built, plays a role.
  • Realistic events that create problems for the player - train breakdowns, traffic jams and so on. Each defect will certainly create difficulties and losses in the future.
  • The abundance of pleasant details, which manifest themselves in the news, generously flavored with humor, perky country music and general mood.

Railway Empire is a product with great potential for development. There is something to get carried away, and developers can bring even more effective mechanics in additions. Alternatives Railway Empire among modern games of its narrow genre yet.

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