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Rage - Presents the world after the fall of an asteroid where wickedness prevails. The spontaneous government is imposing a new world order, and renegades, mutants and opposition groups are fluttering in the provinces.
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Rage is a game from id Software, which is a fascinating adventure in a post-apocalyptic world. This is a cult action, received recognition from gamers from around the world. The game came out relatively long ago, but it is still very popular and many people are interested in the opportunity to buy a Steam activation key for Rage.

Key Features

Developers from the legendary studio id Software did their best - the game turned out to be juicy and bright. A successful mix of genres, beautiful graphics and an interesting story - a powerful cocktail that will not let you get bored during the passage of the campaign. The toy has the following features:

  1. Freedom of action. The user can explore every corner of the open world. Where to go and what to do decides the player. No restrictions!
  2. Total War. Destroy the mutants and gangster groups with any available weapons. In your arsenal will be everything you need: from a boomerang to controlled robots.
  3. Race for survival. At the disposal of the gamer will get a car, which will travel through the wastelands. Get away from the chases, make daring raids on enemies and come off in full!
  4. Wheelbarrow for pumping. You can upgrade your supercar. Install new modules, make your car fast and invulnerable in battle!

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