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RAGE 2 carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything
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Year 2185. Since the events of Rage 50 years have passed. The world has not changed, the action takes place in the same sun-scorched wasteland, where only occasionally there are dense forests, swamps and remnants of a dead civilization. People live by the rules of gangs, total lawlessness is flourishing, and there are no any states or authorities for a long time. The player must try on the image of one of the last strongholds of law and order in the desert - Ranger Walker. He will have to defend his honor by clashing with the army of General Cross. To do this, the hero has to break through the battle through the entire desert.

Game features

  • Large-scale, diverse open gaming world.
  • Many settlements and factions with which you can interact: a holistic gaming space.
  • Sophisticated system of additional quests - an almost unlimited expansion of the main plot of the game, which gives a lot of interesting additional hours of gameplay.
  • Serious emphasis on the racing component - competitions, battles, purchase and modification of vehicles.
  • Arsenal of classic and original weapons.
  • Battle mechanics, providing the player a fascinating hand-to-hand scuffle with game opponents.
  • The creators promise a number of add-ons that will be free for anyone who buys the game: no paid DLC!

Rage 2 is a top action game that combines the best from game mechanics of old-fashioned and modern shooters to delight us with dozens of hours of furious, diverse gameplay!

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