Quantum Break

Microsoft Studios, 29.09.2016
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Quantum Break is a third-person adventure action game designed by Remedy Entertainment.
6.84 $
18.87 $

Quantum Break is a project designed to expand the perception of third-person shooters. Here you have to embody the image of Jack Joyce, who was able to manage time. His childhood friend, who created the time machine, is dangerous, and crowds of enemies hunt Jack. To find answers to all questions, he has to break through with the battle, changing the course of time in his direction.

Game features

• Innovative gameplay with the ability to influence the manipulation of time on the gameplay • Verified game design from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake • The plot, which delays in their networks from the first to the last second: reveal bits of what is happening, looking in the diaries • Bright game - the corresponding soundtrack, which is responsible, among others, Poets of the Fall, Paramore, Royal Blood, Death From Above • Ability to control the actions of the main villain, correcting the development of the plot • Hardcore action, which requires the most courageous actions in every moment of the game - sitting behind the columns will not work

Quantum Break is a bright, dynamic shooter that offered the genre a lot of interesting ideas, and players a lot of fun.

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