Pure Farming 2018

Techland Publishing, 13.03.2018
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Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming
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Become the owner of a successful business in agriculture! Get it not in the arcade conditions, but in a close to reality, generously detailed features of the farm simulator Pure Farming 2018.

Game features

  • Build a farm in one of the corners of the planet: Italy, Germany, Japan, USA, Colombia are available to choose from. Each region is distinguished not only by landscapes, but also by types of farming with a corresponding set of tools and devices for work.
  • Fully licensed line of agricultural machinery and devices from leading manufacturers - for fans of strict realism.
  • Three modes: training, free farm construction and a campaign with various tasks for farmers who require a deep understanding of the mechanics of agricultural processes (20 mini-scenarios are available).
  • 6 branches of agriculture: agriculture, livestock, gardening, greenhouse cultivation, alternative energy and economics.
  • Attention to detail: various types of pesticides, taking into account the location of the field and the type of crops grown, the use of frost-resistant varieties for cold climates, the organization of irrigation in drought, the full cycle of growing animals and so on.
  • Simple and a little conditional, but thoughtful economic system that influences any decision in the game.
  • Sales organization - create partnerships with stores and food industry enterprises.

Pure Farming 2018 is the most realistic agriculture simulator at the moment. For lovers of the present.

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