Project Highrise

Kasedo Games, 08.09.2016
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Project Highrise - a skyscraper building and control simulator
10.26 $

Project Highrise is a well thought out, detailed sandbox of a single building. Starting almost from scratch, you will gradually build a large building, “populate” its offices and maintain the infrastructure in working condition. Get ready for a lot of unexpected challenges!

Game features

  • Start with a loss-making building and build a dream skyscraper in the middle of a big city!
  • Expand up and out, creating new jobs for city residents.
  • Provide convenient infrastructure for office “residents”, providing the necessary communications and other elements.
  • A number of businesses with unique features - from private detectives to banks that require luxurious decoration of the premises and no less, from shops to residential apartments.
  • The more “influential acquaintances”, the fewer restrictions in the subsequent construction and development of the building.
  • Take into account the specifics of the neighborhood - radio stations can hardly be placed near government agencies, where silence and concentrated workflow are valued.

Project Highrise is an arcade and cute, but generously detailed game features fun, in which fans of SimCity and high-quality casual projects will surely find themselves.

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