Project Highrise Architect's Edition

Kasedo Games, 13.11.2018
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Experience a deep, complex simulation of a modern skyscraper
3.26 $

Project Highrise Architect's Edition is probably the funniest and most detailed opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes of an architect and engineer. This indie game offers gamers to build and develop their own skyscraper. Successful and prosperous building depends on competent and consistent decisions.

Game features

Project Highrise Architect's Edition is a simple but detailed simulator of the “life” of a high-rise building, where you need to take into account countless aspects for a successful game in a timely manner.

• The most detailed game of its kind • The ability to build a building at your own discretion, using a virtually unlimited arsenal of engineering • The ability to integrate into the building almost anything you want - from offices to concert halls, but later on you need to provide “neighbors” with decent living conditions • Multiple difficulty levels to choose from and storyline campaign of 29 missions

Project Highrise Architect's Edition is an unusual game choice for the evening, but you can stay here for a long time.

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