Project CARS

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 16.03.2015
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One of the most realistic racing simulators.
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The dreams of those who sleep and see themselves driving a sports car on the legendary tracks of the planet come true. Today you have the most realistic chance to feel the Formula 1 racer or Le Mans race - just buy Project Cars on Steam and play!

Game features

  • Impressive visuals The creators have put the soul in every detail of the in-game world. You can easily distract from the race, looking at the interior design or beautiful landscapes behind the windshield. Therefore, train diligence and attentiveness!

  • Abundance of game content Over 60 cars with licenses from manufacturers and exclusive models from developers that exist only in the world of Project Cars.

  • Trails for every taste The tracks, on which champions are born, are 30 game locations, each of which has but several modifications (over 100 game map options in total).

  • No launch restrictions Forget about having to fight for top content. All tracks and cars are open initially, and you can try to start from the top!

  • Maximum realism The game is maximally adapted to real life, and you have to think at the pit stop, monitor tire wear, use a manual gearbox and much more that hardcore gamers expect. But light game modes will help you find yourself in this austere world of automotive splendor and a complete beginner.

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