To activate this DLC you must have the main game Prison Architect

Prison Architect - Island Bound

Paradox Interactive, 23.06.2020
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Prison Architect: Island Bound Enhances Your Prison Construction and Management
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7.14 $

Prison Architect - Island Bound is in every sense a classic addition to an extraordinary game. Fans of the construction and prison management simulator get an expanded arsenal of opportunities to create their own correctional facility.

Add-on Features

Prison Architect - Island Bound retains the spirit of the original in full, and only offers a new content package that aims to expand the capabilities and overall involvement of the gamer in the process.

  • Ability to create a prison on the island

  • Updated logistics routes, with the ability to deliver goods and prisoners with water and air, as well as the organization of various supply channels for all prison facilities, including marinas and helipads

  • New inspection and security systems

  • New terrain options, including rivers, ditches, lakes

Prison Architect - Island Bound is designed to meet and exceed the demands of gamers with minimal cost.

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