Planet Coaster

Frontier Developments, 17.11.2016
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High-quality Tycoon simulators are currently quite a rarity, and thus the fact of the existence of Planet Coaster seems to be a very pleasant fact. Combining modern technology and capabilities, developers offer traditional game mechanics of the genre in an amusement park. It will be fun and exciting!

Game features

  • Traditional game mechanics of the Tycoon genre, which fans will recognize and appreciate;

  • Bright and attractive, modern graphics and appropriate music;

  • The possibility of hiring, staff development

  • Designing roller coaster tracks and other attractions as one of the key success factors

  • Almost unlimited possibilities for building an amusement park as a whole

Planet Coaster is not a new word in the genre, but the canons are met impeccably, and new technologies have successfully taken their places.

You can buy Planet Coaster for Steam in the Gamefy Store. We have exclusively licensed keys.