Snail Games USA, 31.05.2019
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Welcome to PixARK, the vast world of wildlife, evil dinosaurs, magical creatures and endless adventures!
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PixARK is a fun MMO sandbox project based on the ARK: Survival Evolved survival simulator series. Adhering to the style and game mechanics of the legendary Minecraft hit, PixARK invites the player to spend a lot of time in a unique world filled with crowds of interesting creatures. To take root here, you need to make every effort, but the player has all the possibilities for this. Ahead is a great epic of construction and research of a huge "cubic" world.

Game features

• Flexible game mechanics, which takes all the best from Minecraft and develops the process in an interesting direction • A multifaceted character development system that requires careful miscalculations in the distribution of skill points • More than 100 game creatures that can be tamed • Bright and spectacular graphics • Access to multiplayer with servers up to 100 people online simultaneously

PixARK is an interesting and enjoyable alternative to Minecraft, which is slightly less complicated and will appeal to beginners of the genre, as well as to everyone who wanted to look for something new.

You can buy PixARK cheaply at the Gamefy Store. Only original license keys are available at a reduced price, compared to the Steam.