PC Building Simulator

The Irregular Corporation, 21.01.2019
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PC Building Simulator - an inventive simulator of the assembly, configuration and design of system units
10.26 $

Do you dream of becoming an advanced “computer scientist”, but are you afraid to risk your computer? You can buy the PC Building Simulator key and try your hand at the most realistic computer wizard and modder simulator. Repair and assemble computers, gradually building a successful business!

Game features

PC Building Simulator - a project that filled the whole empty niche. And, as it turned out, what no one thought about in the context of gaming, was a fascinating, furious adventure.

  • Free mode: collect the most powerful computer in the world, which you can only dream of!
  • Career mode: you begin the path of the owner of a small business repairing computers. Start with the tasks of cleaning the systemists from dust and removing viruses, gradually develop, earn a reputation and become an ace of computer craft. Buy new parts, open new stores as your experience grows.
  • Maximum realism: buy real tools, screw in the screws yourself.
  • Full immersion: a realistic gameplay, where you have to manually determine the nodes that do not respond, and do not forget to apply thermal grease during assembly.
  • Realistic missions and communication with customers.
  • Virtual interface of the computer with the operating system, the ability to change the desktop wallpaper, install programs, run 3DMark and so on.

All it together is an experience that delays for a long time.

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