Pathfinder: Kingmaker Royal Edition

Deep Silver, 25.09.2018
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In Pathfinder: Kingmaker you have to play for a brave adventurer, whose goal is to survive in a world enveloped in magic and evil!
41.35 $

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Royal Edition is an exclusive addition to the popular Russian role-playing game, which opens up a lot of pleasant and useful content for fans. Feel all the facets of the gameplay laid down by the developers by purchasing Pathfinder: Kingmaker Royal Edition!

Features of the edition

• A copy of the game with two premium game items (a ring that allows you to bless your group several times a day, and a belt with a bonus to illnesses and resistance to fatigue) • 2 additional portraits in the gallery - the fearless warrior from Cheliax and the skilled elf wizard • A digital book about the game, which includes 176 pages of artwork and other unique content • Official game soundtrack • Digital board game game module • High Resolution Stolen Lands Digital Map

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Royal Edition makes the gaming experience of the user extremely enjoyable and organic, providing the opportunity to discover something more.

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