Pathfinder: Kingmaker Imperial Edition

Deep Silver, 25.09.2018
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The Pathfinder game is deep, not only because of its thoughtful world and history, but also its game mechanics and the freedom it gives your unique character.
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Imperial Edition is one of the premium editions of the popular role-playing game, which offers fans a number of additional content. Anyone who is interested in the world of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a must-have and very enjoyable investment in the near future.

Features of the edition

• Original game in full • All additional content, which includes other extended editions of Pathfinder: Kingmaker: additional items, portraits for the gallery, a digital artbook with 176 pages of content on the game, a separate soundtrack, a digital module for a board game, a Stolen Lands map in the best resolution, Red Panda • The main feature of the publication is Season Pass. It guarantees the owner automatic access to the first three packages of downloadable content after release. These additions expand the world of Stolen Lands, bring new members of the party, locations, buildings, objects and adventures to the game.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Imperial Edition is something a dedicated fan cannot do without.

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