Pagan Online, 27.08.2019
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Pagan Online is a hack-and-slash action RPG
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Proven for decades, the Diablo formula runs smoothly. And time after time, all kinds of developers give out an excellent product in the role-playing game genre, where there’s very little role-playing game, but the peering of the enemies is enough in full. The same can be said about Pagan Online, which adheres to all your favorite canons thoroughly. And if we add here an interesting flavor of Slavic mythology, then the players will find a great toy for several evenings.

Game features

Pagan Online is not a Diablo killer, but an interesting and enjoyable fantasy setting project. The hero has to choose one of the heroes to go into battle against universal evil. And on this way he will find many adventures and locations, allies and enemies.

• A simple, but convenient and understandable system of character development, which will especially appeal to beginners of the genre • Dynamic gameplay with plentiful loot and diverse monsters • The ability to collect characters during the game • The abundance of typical cliches of Slavic mythology, which give a slightly clumsy, but pleasant coloring to the minimum plot • A nice visual component when it comes to graphics and animations

Together we get a game that certainly won’t hurt those who went through Diablo dozens of times, or haven’t tried it yet in the genre at all.

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