Overcooked! 2

Team17 Digital Ltd, 07.08.2018
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Another portion of a crazy kitchen! Collect a super team and prove that you are not afraid of any trials.
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Overcooked 2 - the continuation of the acclaimed casual game. Users are waiting for an exciting adventure in the world of cuisine, get ready to get a new batch of brand humor and culinary madness! To start playing the licensed "Overcooked 2", buy a Steam activation key on our website.

Key Features

The player will have to try on the role of a brave little cook working in the most extreme kitchens of the universe. The user will have to try to satisfy the needs of fastidious gourmets. The features of the computer game are as follows:

  1. Bright and unusual world. The action of the game takes place in the depths of the mines, a Japanese restaurant, a school of magic and even on another planet.
  2. Sports interest. This is very reminiscent of popular cooking shows. The user will have to assemble his own team and take on the seemingly impossible tasks.
  3. The plot. The story has received a worthy continuation. At this time, the role of antagonist is not an insatiable monster, but the eternally hungry Walking Bread.
  4. Multiplayer. You can play either alone or with friends - users can access the cooperative mode. Simultaneously participate in the adventure can from one to four players.
  5. Time. To perform tasks in Overcooked 2, the user is allocated a limited time to cope with all the missions have to sweat.
  6. Extreme cooking. You do not have to cook dishes at the usual plate - the tasks in this toy are much more interesting. Get ready to be a cook on top of a volcano or in zero gravity. For the passage of missions you need to be smart and perseverance!

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