To activate this DLC you must have the main game Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass

Team17 Digital Ltd, 18.04.2019
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Season pass - access to unique natural locations
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Overcooked! 2 is an insane culinary arcade from the developers of "Worms", which will not leave indifferent fans of fun on the screen, as well as original game concepts. Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass offers gamers the maximum pleasure you can get from this game.

Edition Features

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass includes the original game and all the add-ons in one box. Each element of the seasonal pass gives not only new storylines, but also a sea of ​additional content

  • Culinary competition: cooking at the stake - a trip to the forest, during which you will have to practice cooking outdoors in a series of exciting and diverse levels

  • Night of the Hangry Horde - players will face an invasion of local undead in the face of walking bread, and to defeat them you need a maximum of culinary savvy and courage

  • Carnival of Chaos - a new cooperative battle in the kitchen with the participation of guns. The maximum of madness and fun!

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass allows you to immediately get all the available user experience in a cool and original game.

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