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Shiro Games, 07.03.2018
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Northgard is a strategy based on Norwegian mythology. The Viking Order is trying to conquer a new continent that is full of danger, riddles and trials.
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Northgard is an original strategy dedicated to Norse mythology. Heading the Viking settlement, landed on the new continent Northgard, you have to survive in this harsh world, in parallel exploring it and fighting with other clans.

Game features

  • Fictional fantasy world where the realities of Viking life intersect with traditional Scandinavian mythology;
  • Complicated game mechanics, where food supplies, resources, rats, earthquakes, and much more affect settlement well-being;
  • Build compromises to save lives in all parts of the colony;
  • Bright and spectacular cartoon graphics, which gives a special charm to the gameplay;
  • Fascinating single player and multiplayer;
  • The abundance of winning options in the game - from the victory of all enemies on the map, to obtain the required number of Glory Points, and even to perform a specific task (unique for each card);
  • Lack of unnecessary details, which makes the game optimal for low-intensity online games.

Northgard is a simple but detailed strategy that captures with a unique charm and interesting setting.

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