No Man's Sky

Hello Games, 12.09.2016
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No Man's Sky is a sci-fi game about exploration and survival in an infinite universe.
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No Man’s Sky is one of the most ambitious projects of recent times, and certainly the most ambitious of the category of games developed by independent indie studios. And all because the scale is quite comparable with AAA-class projects with an open world, and even more, incommensurably more.

Game features

The developers of No Man’s Sky offered one of the most ambitious sandboxes in the history of games, which they carefully wrapped in a detailed sci-fi wrapper. The protagonist has the opportunity to travel through an almost immense universe, where you can land literally on any planet, begin to explore the flora and fauna, and in space - fight with random opponents. This is real freedom and excitement of research.

  • No Man’s Sky is an open world of scales never seen before.

  • High detail of worlds, unlimited representation of flora and fauna objects, full interactivity of the planets

  • Absolute freedom of action in a world that cannot be fully explored, no matter how hard you try

  • A systematic character development system, ship modernization - everything that will help in future travels

  • The need to study uncharted races, including their language and culture

  • Pleasant visual and musical design that perfectly complements the main tasks of the gameplay

No Man’s Sky is a game whose scale alone deserves everyone’s attention.

You can buy No Man’s Sky cheaply at the Gamefy Store. We have available only the original license keys to the game, which must be registered in Steam for download.