Need for Speed

Electronic Arts, 15.03.2016
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Ready to subdue the streets? Get behind the wheel of famous cars and rush to the big city
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Need For Speed ​​2015 is a striking example of the rule "everything new - long forgotten old." Yes, and not so forgotten - although the legendary Underground 1-2 came out a long time ago, they are still remembered and honored by the army of fans as a standard of style. The next game can rightfully be considered Underground 3, although it has not received any subheadings. But associations about this pop up instantly, you just have to play. Most often - in a good way.

Game features

• A well-developed world of illegal city racing, in the best traditions of the beginning of the 21st century • The player’s team, which helps to modify the car and select races • Extremely wide selection of cars and options for authentic modifications - both technically and visually • Several traditional racing options, verified in gameplay to the limit of playability • Fine-tuning physics, which can be worked out for yourself manually

Need For Speed ​​2015 - a successful interpretation of old ideas in a modernized shell. Lovers of Ungerground are a must.

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