Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Electronic Arts, 16.11.2010
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Continuation of the series on the violation of the law on the roads. All that is required is to press the gas into the floor and do not stop.
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The best race in the world? Here, the tastes of fans of the genre will scatter strongly. But the NFS series is definitely the most recognizable and massive brand. After many changes and reincarnations, in 2010 the series returned to the “silver” era of the late 1990s and early 2000s, before the breakthrough Underground. Meet the third part of the subseries Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Steam keys are cheaply offered by Gamefy.Store.

Game features

Buy Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, back to the roots. A little tiring players with the world of underground racing and endless modifications of cars, the new part invites you to play to the maximum - on the most luxurious supercars and among magical landscapes, where you have to escape from the amazing chases!

  • The most popular game of the NFS series from the point of view of critics.
  • Hyper-realistic graphics and astounding, recreated sports cars in detail - the perfect cocktail with a breeze.
  • Smart police, which has a flexible and equally fast and an arsenal of struggle with lovers of fast driving.
  • Downhole soundtrack, which make hits 30 Seconds To Mars, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pendulum, Klaxons, Weezer, among others.
  • 2 full-fledged career in the possibility of pumping - for street racer and for the police.
  • The balanced complexity of the game with verified dynamics: without serious technical aspects and with an emphasis on entertainment, but you will not be easy.
  • Fascinating, developing ideas singleplayer, multiplayer mode.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 is rightfully one of the most highly regarded games of the huge and very popular series.

Where to buy Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

The game is available in the Gamefy.Store store. You can buy a NFS Hot Pursuit key from us cheaply, after which it is enough to register it in the system, download the game and go straight to the track.