NBA 2K21

2K, 04.09.2020
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NBA 2K21 is a new part of the world famous series of basketball simulators NBA 2K.
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NBA 2K21 is a new version of the most popular basketball simulator in the world. Unlike its top-tier hockey and soccer counterparts, the NBA series has always been famous for constantly polishing and updating gameplay to make it as realistic and flexible as possible. That is why every new game, no matter how it looks like the previous one, is a new game, not an addon, and it needs to be rediscovered, each time getting an exciting experience of victories and successful actions on the court.

Game features

NBA 2K21 retains the visual and technical foundation of previous games in the series, and graphics updates should be expected, most likely next year - for the newly released next generation consoles. All major changes are in the controls and gameplay.

  • New system of throws - difficult to learn and realistic. Only those players who master it thoroughly and remain focused in the game 100% of the time will win.

  • Three game modes to choose from: MyCAREER, MyTEAM and MyLEAGUE

  • Unique game modes (for example, 3 x 3), challenges - everything for pumping in MyTEAM

  • Graphics and animation are stable at a high level

NBA 2K21 is still a top product for basketball fans, sports fans in general, and quality sports simulators.

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