My Time at Portia

Team17 Digital Ltd, 15.01.2019
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Start a new life in a magical city! Grow crops, breed animals, make friends and reveal the secrets of a forgotten world!
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My Time at Portia is the new representative of the "life simulator" genre, which is gradually gaining popularity on platforms like the Nintendo Switch. Players get a completely open world with which the protagonist has to actively interact. What else is needed in order to live another life, stretched for tens and hundreds of hours?

Game features

The main character is the son or daughter of a famous builder. He / she will have to settle down in the completely new city of Portia. An interesting detail from the developers - although all the action takes place in a beautiful cartoon world, but we do not get to the conditional planet of the dairy rivers and the sweet and sour banks. Once upon a time, this world survived the apocalypse, and is only just beginning to return to a calm and active channel of life.

• The original idea of ​​the plot, which leaves an imprint on the gameplay, when following the game of all the canons of the genre • Beautiful, attractive cartoon graphics • Fascinating crafting and construction system • An abundance of side elements of the gameplay: communication with other residents of Portia, the study of dungeons, raising pets and much more

My Time at Portia is a fairly typical game of its kind, which has gained an abundance of interesting ideas in the process of creation and deserves attention as a full-fledged, fresh product of its kind.

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