Mount & Blade: Warband

TaleWorlds Entertainment, 31.03.2010
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In a world ravaged by continuous wars, the time has come for you to assemble your own group of brave warriors and join the battle
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Mount & Blade: Warband - the first addition to the unexpected hit Mount & Blade. The developers continued the line of development of the awkward, but very original role-playing game with elements of slasher, added more balance and capabilities. Now entertainment in the world of the Middle Ages has become more multifaceted!

Add-on Features

Mount & Blade: Warband offers players a path all in the same open world with archaic graphics that completely overlap with the scale of the gameplay. However, now several “hooks” have been added to the game, which made the gameplay more holistic without removing its main tenets.

  • Open world, factions, the possibility of unlimited role-playing pumping, the ability to create your own army and state

  • All the same sensitive and exciting combat system, where the main emphasis is placed this time on horse battles

  • Updated, improved graphics

  • Unique political and diplomatic options, among which, for example, the opportunity to marry the daughter of the monarch - however, you will first have to win her heart by participating in tournaments and serenades

  • Ability to multiplayer game with seven diverse modes

Mount & Blade: Warband is a competent development of ideas that brought a raw, but promising product to a high level of playability.

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