Mount & Blade

TaleWorlds Entertainment, 16.09.2008
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The very first part of Mount & Blade at one time left ambiguous feelings in the hearts of gamers, and especially fans of role-playing games. However, she did not leave anyone indifferent, and the question of the emergence of a persistent and devoted community was not raised - it appeared from the very beginning. Today, everyone can remember or try for the first time this original project, which noticeably prettier over time with a series of patches and mods.

Game features

Mount & Blade is an original project, which is a role-playing game about the Middle Ages. However, this opinion is only at first glance. Players can access the open world and the ability to pump almost any game character through a set of characteristics, weapons and ammunition. There is no plot as such, and the bet is on unique combat capabilities. This is a great pastime for hardcore gamers.

  • Detailed characterization system, which is very sensitive to the character's abilities

  • A complex combat system where gamers need to think through every movement and its strength

  • Success in the game depends on teamwork

  • Truly epic battles, including sieges of castles and cities, which include hundreds of participants at the same time

  • Five kingdoms, and unique architecture and design for each of them

Mount & Blade is the main grungy masterpiece of the role-playing world for many years, to which players are ready to forgive everything for the glory of the original gameplay.

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