Ubisoft, 07.09.2017
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New look at board games! MONOPOLY Plus game will change your vision of relaxing with friends!
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Love to spend time with friends and family behind the classic desktop monopoly? If you like economic board games, be sure to try the taste of the bright MONOPOLY PLUS, available for computers and all popular consoles. You have to play the party of Monopoly in the three-dimensional world, where there are many additional features that qualitatively modernize the traditional game mechanics (and just look nice)!

Game features

  • Traditional board game in the new reading, adapted for modern players
  • Bright three-dimensional graphics and animation that accompany the gameplay. Enjoy the views of the whole city, which stands in the middle of the board and grows throughout the game.
  • Ability to play online with friends.
  • Several sets of game rules - the traditional Monopoly and the best game mechanics, created by fans.
  • Ability to build your own playing field.

MONOPOLY PLUS is a favorite adventure of all in the original, "pumped" format. Anyone who loves Monopoly should definitely try it out for yourself.

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