MINECRAFT Windows 10 Edition

Microsoft Studios, 14.07.2015
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Create absolutely everything your imagination can do. Explore the randomly created worlds. Survive at night among the most dangerous mobs.
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MINECRAFT Windows 10 Edition is a special version of the popular sandbox, released by Microsoft specifically for the release of the latest version of its operating system. Before the players all the same good old Minecraft, which received some updates. You can buy MINECRAFT Windows 10 Edition cheaply at Gamefy.store. We have the original steamcraft license for Minecraft.

Game features

Travel through grandiose, random worlds and build here whatever you want - simple houses or entire palaces. Enjoy all the features of the creative mode, or arrange a battle for survival in the appropriate game options, do not forget to create armor and weapons. All that users love the game for, in MINECRAFT Windows 10 Edition is saved and multiplied.

  • New skins and textures set "Holiday", a set of textures "Cartoon", among others.
  • "Edge", which includes cities, ships, new mob, dragon, purple, corus plant and elite.
  • Ability to install up to 256 blocks on each other.
  • The igloo and polar bears are indispensable travelers for wandering in the middle of winter.
  • Support for virtual reality.
  • Play with friends on different platforms at the same time.
  • Availability of Xbox Live and more.

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