Metro: Last Light Redux

Deep Silver, 28.08.2014
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Under the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow in the subway tunnels, the remnants of the human race are fighting against deadly threats - internal and external.
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Metro Last Light is a successful continuation of a post-apocalyptic shooter based on the book series, which consolidated the success of the Metro 2033 hit. After some time, the developers decided to update the technical component of the product in order to bring it closer to the current modern audience and the capabilities of current gaming devices. Also got Metro Last Light Redux.

Features of the edition

Metro Last Light Redux is not a remake, but a technical overhaul of a popular computer game. Accordingly, most of the features of this product are related to technical aspects.

• The use of the new engine contributed to the global improvement of graphics and physics - this is noticeable in lighting, shadows, the interaction of objects, etc. • The game is optimized for displaying 60 frames per second • Fixed a number of bugs of the original game related to animation, gameplay, etc. • Added new difficulty levels • Reworked individual locations for the sake of more relevant game design • Seamless transitions between levels

Metro Last Light Redux is an appropriate product that captures and builds on the success of the entire series.

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