Metro: Exodus

Deep Silver, 15.02.2019
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Belief in the fact that there is life beyond the underground tunnels, Artem inspired. And as soon as it became possible, he did not waste time.
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Is there life outside the metro and the poisoned radiation of post-apocalyptic Moscow? The protagonist of the Metro series embarks on a journey through the recognizable spaces of Russia in search of a new, safe home. On this way, he will have to face many problems, and the player will find ways to solve them.

Game features

Metro: Exodus - continuation of the popular series of games where the action is transferred to the surface. Moving through the territory of Russia, the player will visit many original locations in a huge and much more non-linear world.

  • New parts of the beloved world that expand and complement the mythology of the Metro series
  • An elaborate storyline in which almost every dialogue and every character is remembered.
  • Several options for passing missions, from pure action to bloodless stealth
  • Beautiful game world that pleases with rich colors, impressive and frightening spaces
  • Features of each location that affect the player’s actions
  • Ability to modify and craft items necessary for normal existence
  • Realistic sound

Metro: Exodus is a worthy and large-scale continuation that rightfully confirmed the status of the most significant game project in the Russian-speaking space.

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