Metro 2033 Redux

Deep Silver, 28.08.2014
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The atomic apocalypse of 2013 turned the earth into a toxic wasteland. In this hell, only those who managed to hide in the subway survive
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Metro 2033 Redux is an update to the cult game that has long been a classic of post-apocalypse. The developers did everything to atone for the “sins” of the fans of the series, listening to their wishes, as well as attract a new audience.

**Reissue Features ** Metro 2033 Redux is a publication that includes a carefully redesigned first part of the game, which has undergone crucial updates.

• An updated version of Metro 2033, retaining all the advantages of the original • Transferring the game to the 4AEngine engine, which provides improved lighting, effects, volumetric smoke and fog in the game space - changes in the graphic component are visible to the naked eye • Fixed old bugs that reduce the number of frames, errors in textures and physics • Improved stealth system taken from Metro Last Light • Hardcore difficulty levels for true fans

Metro 2033 Redux is an update worthy of its money. It's time to remember your favorite shooter, or get to know him better for the first time, bypassing unnecessary bugs.

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