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Protect the world from destruction in the fight against evil.
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Looking for something as simple as possible, perhaps fantasy and necessarily exciting - so that you can spend the evening with friends? You can buy the key Magicka - simple action adventure, where you will become a magician, master of one of the main elements. Passing the job in a magical, but terribly grotesque world, get the most out of the action and humor. And the main highlight of the game is a cooperative for up to 4 people, which will not leave you indifferent with your friends!

Game features

At first glance it may seem that Magicka is a “good” clone of the games of the Diablo series. But it is not, you just buy Magicka in steam and play a little. There is almost no emphasis on character development, and you will have to focus more on tasks and adventures. The developers have tried to make it as fun as possible - there are a lot of jokes and humor in general in the game. It's time to save someone, win and have fun!

  • Travel through 15 levels of the game world, in which the stamps of games, cinema and the fantasy genre as a whole are ridiculed in every way.
  • A unique magic system that allows you to create unique spells on the fly and combine them to win. There are eight game elements of magic: land, water, cold, fire, electricity, arcana, life and shield.
  • Bright cartoon world with a realistic physical model, with melting ice, enemies scattering into pieces and many others.

Magicka is a good example of a great game made for the soul and with love.

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