Mafia III

2K, 07.10.2016
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What to do when betray friends? Killing your family members, your brothers. The answer was one - revenge!
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With us you can buy Mafia 3 for PC - the next part of the popular gangster game series. Taking control of the new main character, you have to go a long way to the heights of the criminal world. Enjoy the exciting missions in the open world of the city of New Bordeaux, moving along the classic plot, with revenge and betrayal. You can enjoy Mafia III by buying a cheap license from us. We offer original keys at affordable prices.

Game features

  • A huge, open game world in the best traditions of the GTA series - a city, sketched from New Orleans in the early 1970s.
  • The plot with complex and relevant topics, characteristic of the era of narration. The main character is a dark-skinned guy, and he will have to face racism more than once.
  • For the first time in the series there is no strict binding to the order of passing missions - you can travel around the city just like that, choosing the order of completing tasks.
  • The abundance of “classic” assignments in the process of ascending to the leading roles of the world of organized crime - interrogations, murders, car bombings, fundraising and much more.
  • Capture areas of the city and gradually strengthen your power.
  • Cinematic plot component - elaborate dialogues and breathtaking cut scenes.
  • Several opportunities for passing - you can smash opponents in the forehead, but also try yourself in the stealth version of the next mission, with a minimum of noise.

Mafia 3 is a worthy alternative to the “main” gangster open world game series, which will drag you into its own for a few dozen hours of gameplay.

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