Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 01.09.2015
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Play for the crazy Max, who was forced to become a hero to survive. His main goal is to leave chaos and find peace.
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Mad Max is a game based on the popular movie series. The developers of the product were two studios Avalanche Studios and Feral Interactive. The game turned out just as furious as the films of the same name - an exciting adventure and an incredible atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world are waiting for you. What you need to do to completely plunge into it? Download the game and buy the activation key Steam to Mad Max on our website.

Main characteristics

To survive in the world of “Mad Max” you need not only to learn how to fight off numerous gangs of marauders and murderers, but also to be prepared for a harsh climate. The game is filled with car chases, shooting and many adventures. Fans of films of the same name will definitely like it. Product features include:

  1. Bright World. Landscapes of the post-apocalyptic world worked out in detail. They are dark and natural at the same time. Get ready for a journey through the yellow-brown expanses, sandstorms and other natural disasters.
  2. Bleeding hero. Develop your character and get new advantages in battle! The buildup of the hero is very diverse and interesting! Make Max the way you imagine him.
  3. Car Upgrade. There is nothing to do without a car in the wastelands, so upgrade your “iron horse”. Improvements to the engine, injection systems and more are available to users. The machine can also be equipped with various types of weapons.
  4. Own gang. Attack the base of opponents, but do not forget about your own rear. Build your shelter system and gather a squad that will extract resources for you.

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