Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 15.05.2018
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Learn the secrets of the school Luna Nova Academy and plunge into the colorful world created by artists Studio Trigger along with the game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.
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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - the development of the anime universe in the game world, which will appeal to all girls more likely. This is an interesting project for those who love cartoons about fairies, heroes, supernatural creatures in general.

The main character of Acre is a student at the Witch Academy, who studies, gets into interesting stories with her friends. The plot of the game does not repeat the anime. She has to solve the problem with the time loop, because of which Acre and her friends are stuck in one day. To help - unique features, spells and skills.

Game features

• Detailed game world based on the popular anime • Original story that does not intersect with the series • Diverse and charismatic characters • A fascinating combat system, where the interaction between the main characters plays an important role • A large-scale skill leveling system at the level of large role-playing projects • Vivid graphics and soundtrack to match the game style

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - a fascinating selection of “magic” games for fans of anime. And all fans of easy and unobtrusive role-playing games will appreciate it.

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