Little Nightmares

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 28.04.2017
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Little Nightmares is a dark tale that will make you remember your childhood nightmares
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How about playing something original and memorable for really long? We offer to buy Little Nightmares - a dark and bizarre story about a girl named Six, who will have to escape from the huge, frightening vessel "Womb". Are you ready to uncover a couple of creepy but compelling secrets? Buy the key Little Nightmares, activate the incentive and start your journey!

Game features

Little Nightmares is an adventure platformer and quest, and above all attracts attention to detail. Therefore, one should not look for a large-scale action and incredible cinematography here. But the scary-childish atmosphere, generously flavored with an abundance of interesting details, will find you.

  • The perfect combination of horror and riddles Do not think that this game can be passed quickly and easily. You have to play as a small child in a destructively tense space, which is qualitatively fixed by the gameplay, game design and plot development. The puzzles are diverse and complex, and the tactics for the game are required.

  • Intuitive operation With all the above, control in the game is very convenient and thoughtful. You will not be difficult to perform a particular action in the game, and the process of moving through the levels does not cause the slightest irritation.

  • Atmosphere of death and horror The world of the game seems cute and silly. If you look at the individual parts. In sum, all of this is a branch of Hell, if not the Underworld itself. And you will often have to hear the heart-rending cries of the dying girl you control. Local monsters are able to scare even hardened gamers, and game design is thought out in such a way that oppression will increase and increase - you will not notice it, but at some point you will begin to feel.

Little Nightmares is one of the most original games of its genre, which will surprise and will be loved by everyone in its own way.

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