Life is Feudal: Your Own

Bitbox Ltd., 17.11.2015
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Stop being a slave, take a sword in your hands, it's time to become a feudal!
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Life is Feudal: Your Own offers the player a free journey through the world of the Middle Ages. Finding himself in this “sandbox”, the user is free to do whatever he pleases. And behind the passage of history, battles with other players and the construction of housing for it opens up an exciting, full of open and unexpected turns, holistic gameplay. Play and explore!

Game features

  • Role-playing game with elements of the survival simulator in the open world with other users.
  • Flexible settings for creating and customizing a unique game character.
  • Multivariate system of development and leveling skills that subtly determine the behavior and capabilities of the character in the game world.
  • Fascinating crafting system: collect resources, create objects and build buildings.
  • The factor of narrow specialization - you will have to team up with other players to help each other (creating armor, potions, etc.).

Life is Feudal: Your Own is an entertaining representative of the genre, which will unfold perfectly in the company of friends.

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