Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Bitbox Ltd., 26.05.2017
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Life is Feudal: Forest Village - an economic strategy in which development borders on survival.
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Life is Feudal: Forest Village is the successor of the glorious work of a series of Russian games in the online sandbox genre. The main focus of this series is on building and maintaining the viability of a small settlement. To do this, the player will have to unite with other users to confront the unfriendly world around them, the rest of the players and the complexities of realistic game mechanics.

Game features

  • Lack of multiplayer: in the new part of the series, developers have focused on a single game in the free game space.
  • Open world with the possibility of terraforming for their own needs.
  • Realism: the construction of the building takes some time, and this is reflected in the life of the villagers.
  • A flexible system for the construction of a medieval village where resources, fertility, external factors (attacks of wild animals, cataclysms) and much more need to be taken into account.
  • The tree of professions - the well-being of the village will directly depend on the availability of farmers, weavers, blacksmiths and other citizens.
  • The constant change of seasons to which you need to adjust.

In sum, you get a nice, rich in details town-planning simulator that you want to explore and explore.

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