When purchasing this product, note that this is a DLC, and not a full game.

LEGO MARVEL's Avengers Season Pass

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 29.03.2016
Digital key (instant delivery)
The seasonal subscription includes more than 40 new characters and 5 exciting new levels
4.56 $
7.14 $

Do you like original, bright projects based on LEGO theme designers? What about the Avengers and the adventures of superheroes in general? If the puzzle of interests coincides, then the game based on the adventures of the legendary team will be very interesting. And the LEGO MARVEL's Avengers Season Pass will help you get the most out of it.

Edition Features

  • Access to all upcoming additions to the game, plus exclusive content, upon purchase of the publication once

  • Dynamic arcade gameplay in the best traditions of LEGO projects

  • Interesting team mechanics that help diversify the process of passing to the maximum

  • Recognizable characters and events of large blockbusters in a cartoony, frivolous design

LEGO MARVEL's Avengers Season Pass is the best way to stay in the middle of the action of the Marvel and LEGO universes.

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