LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 14.11.2017
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The funniest superhero arcade game is back!
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Let’s see the transformed formula of the accepting arcade gameplay, the tone of the game and the humor of the game, the LEGO-igr developers to emphasize new projects on the original in many ways. І one of such a trial - zrobiti the most large-scale crossover behind the motives of Marvel’s comics, the dearest one is literally all. Good for you, without the Fantastic Four and the People-X, ale to the right of the hour. Learn about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Game Features

  • More than 200 more and more characters in Marvel with all of us all that age

  • An epic plot, a little repetition of history and commerce, as well as the charismatic Kang-conqueror in the role of the head villain, as the head of the Rodzink

  • Firm humor and gameplay, which can be used in all parts of LEGO-serії

  • Tony widgets for fans of comics, as well as dynamic numbers of bosses

  • Bagato secondary zavdan that puzzles for giving

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - because of the need to develop the power of gray not in terms of style, but in scale. Ale y so pratsyu уже better.

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