LEGO The Incredibles

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 15.06.2018
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A new game from the company TT Games, will transfer players to the world of superheroes
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LEGO The Incredibles is the first game in the line of licensed LEGO projects created in collaboration with the legendary animation studio Pixar. Children and their parents will be at the center of events of both parts of the Incredibles, where they will lead the main characters to victory over evil in all manifestations. And all this is in the corporate, colorful and humorous style of LEGO games.

Game features

LEGO The Incredibles is a classic platformer based on themed LEGO constructors of popular series. Inheriting traditional mechanics, the game offers to go through the events of the first second, and then the first cartoon. There are many recognizable adventures ahead!

  • Vivid graphics and corporate humor

  • An open world and many third-party tasks that were developed in collaboration with Pixar screenwriters

  • Convenient combat system with a clear focus on heroes superpowers

  • An abundance of references to the work of the studio Pixar

LEGO The Incredibles is a great idea on how to spend a couple of evenings in the company of your favorite cartoon characters.

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