LA Cops

Team17 Digital Ltd, 13.03.2015
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LA Cops is a dynamic and eventful top-down shooter about the cops from Los Angeles in the 70s
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The realities of popular culture are such that in every corner of the planet there is at least one person who would like to be in the shoes of a real American policeman. And this opportunity provides fans of action movies game LA Cops. In this shooter, you will have to get used to the role of the Los Angeles cop of the 1970s and swept through the hurricane in the story during 13 furious missions.

Game features

LA Cops is a dynamic game with extremely minimal, but stylish graphics and animation in the style of Hotline Miami with a top view. The main task is to pass the levels stuffed with enemies with a gun or another barrel at the ready.

• The original visual component, which is characterized by a unique style and creates a special mood during the game • A well-balanced parody of the life of ordinary American cops, with typical battered cliches and jokes • Hardcore gameplay that requires maximum microcontrol of actions at every step • An interesting system of interaction with AI-partner

LA Cops is an explosive cocktail of hurricane gameplay, primitivism, humor and style, which will captivate with its common charisma even many discerning gamers.

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