Kerbal Space Program

Private Division, 27.04.2015
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A space mission is not a simple matter. You will build a rocket, break away from the Earth, fly to an interesting point of the cosmos, do your scientific work there, get back, land.
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Kerbal Space Program - an exciting space simulator, where you can not just explore the universe, but also develop your own program to conquer it. To get started, create your own version of the shuttle to fly to the Karblossuyu system. Start the production of the ship in a series and go on a journey! In the online gamefy service you can buy a Kerbal Space Program cheaper than other resources.

Product Features

The computer game has an interesting storyline. The purpose of passing - to send astronauts to his native Kerbin, which will have to seriously work. Build a launch pad and spacecraft. You also need to take care of ways to return the crew. If you do everything right, it will be a real achievement! Key features of the game:

  1. Three game modes. The first one is "Sandbox". This is the simplest game mode. Here you will have a ready space center. The second one is called "Science". In it, players will have to tweak the development of new technologies. In this mode, the spaceport is built for a long time, but the process is more interesting. The option "Career" is to pump its center and improve all its components.
  2. Graphic editor. The look of your ship depends only on your imagination. To solve the asymmetry problem, you can download custom mods that add a more harmonious design to the shuttle.
  3. Star system. In total seven planets are available, most of which are suitable for life. You can explore each of them.
  4. Realistic physics. In the game, the cosmos looks not only beautiful, but also plausible. Developers worked on fame - physics and visual image above all praise.

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