Lo-Fi Games, 06.12.2018
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Detachment role-playing game with freedom of movement, and an emphasis on gameplay, the sandbox with an open ending, rather than a linear plot.
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Kenshi is an ambitious sandbox role-playing game that has conquered countless hardcore RPG fans around the world. And there is a clear reason for this - a practically limitless world is realized here, in which a player can enjoy complete freedom of action, with an abundance of gaming opportunities. This is the space to live a lifetime, but to relax here will not work - get ready for many of the ordeals!

Game features

  • A completely open, huge game world that can be explored in all directions.
  • Hardcore game mechanics, where each user does not have any abilities, but can be an ordinary person, pumping those or other abilities and skills
  • Extensive building opportunities - here you can build a settlement of almost any type
  • Open storyline - there is no specific story in the game, and the user has the right to build game goals on his own
  • Detailed gameplay with an emphasis on survival, where every passerby can kill the main character
  • Extraction of resources, craft items, skill tree, the creation of improved items - all that for which users love role-playing games. In details

Kenshi is a dream sandbox that deserves to dive into it for a long time. Despite certain imperfections - the game was developed almost by one person.

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