Jurassic World Evolution

Frontier Developments, 12.06.2018
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Immerse yourself in the Jurassic world and build your theme park
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Everyone who dreams of a walk among dinosaurs now has a place to take a walk. Jurassic World Evolution is a fascinating adventure based on the legendary movie franchise, where the player will face many difficulties and fascinating plot twists in the process of creating the perfect amusement park, populated by formidable prehistoric creatures.

Game features

Jurassic World Evolution is a simulator of an amusement park manager where dinosaurs are the main attraction. This brings a bit of surprise to the gameplay and requires non-standard solutions from the player constantly.

  • Nice, realistic graphics of dinosaurs, objects and game zones in general

  • Pleasant references to new and old films of the series that will melt the hearts of fans - including the presence of Dr. Jan Malcolm

  • A flexible park development system with three branches of technology (science, entertainment, security), which strongly determines the appearance and order of the playing space

  • A serious emphasis is placed on the selection and breeding of giant lizards, which gives a touch of originality to the game process - this is not the most typical simulator of a “zoo manager”

Jurassic World Evolution is a holistic experience for fans of the genre and franchise, which offers many interesting liberties in the context of an amusement park simulator.

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