Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe

Frontier Developments, 12.06.2018
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Deluxe Edition includes a set of 5 dinosaurs, which can be obtained using the excavation sites in the game
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54.38 $

Jurassic World Evolution invited gamers to feel the atmosphere of a fictional, but so dear to the hearts of all fans of cinema amusement park dinosaurs. Having given the opportunity to build a high-tech futuristic park, the developers brought a lot of interesting plot details and gameplay moments to the standard Tycoon genre gameplay, such as catching escaped dinosaurs. And the extended version of Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe offers even a little more from this cake.

Add-on Features

  • The ability to build a park without restrictions

  • The procedure for finding the remains and selection of dinosaurs for the park

  • 5 new dinosaurs that can be grown in the game: Styracosaurus, Krikhtonzavr, Mayyungazavr, Archeornithomyus, Zuhomima

  • Graceful graphics and a soundtrack that perfectly complements the story of an exotic remote island

Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe is an entertainment that is difficult to refuse for children, adults and any fans of the genre.

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